Loosening Orion's Belt is the first solo album of the Copenhagen-based composer and performer Danielle Dahl. The title spurs from the Book of Job and sums up the main themes of the album: sexuality and seduction, religion and constraint, and a breaking away from old and destructive roles. Together with Danish producer Andreas Pallisgaard (Son Ash, Pinkunoizu, Anden Enhed) she has spent the last year crafting a new kind of electronic chamber music: creating an orchestra of

beautiful and quirky sounds from old analogue synthesizers, blending them with

field recordings from the jungle, a capella choir, psychoacoustic phenomenons,

commerical jingles and japanese court music. The result is a deeply personal self

portrait exploring themes of identity and coming into ones own, utopian love,

dysfunctional family relationships and childhood, rituals, BDSM as a tool for

trancending the self, the body and the mind.


Danielle Dahl has been an active figure on the Danish underground music scene

for years and is deeply involved with a diverse array of sound practices: acoustic

improvised music, techno and electronic dance music, noise, songwriting,

minimalism and ritualistic music, as well as working as a composer with classical

ensembles, usually with a cheeky and somewhat conceptual approach to the

contemporary music world.


On her first solo release she attempts to merge these different approaches to

music making. The album is concerned with change and continuity: The different

roles we inhabit and change between: the child, the lover, the teacher and the

pupil, the dreamer and the dystopian. Loosening Orions Belt is in one sense a

homage to the pioneers of electronic music: Laurie Spiegel, Wendy Carlos and

Raymond Scott, but at the same time a brave and uncompromising take on

contemporary soundwriting and music production.



Danielle Dahl (b. 1989) is a Norwegian composer, performer and improviser

currently situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work is often extreme in one

sense or another: high pitched sounds, exploration of psychosocial elements like

awkwardness or focus fatigue or the exploration of her own fragility on stage. Her

work has been described by Hans Joachim Rodelius as a shamanistic ritual, or as

an artistic boxing match with the self. As a saxophonist and improviser she has

toured in Europe and Japan, played at festivals like Click Festival (DK),

Musikkprotokoll (AUT) and Insomnia (NO), and has worked with, among others:

Pinquins, Mattin and Paul Lovens.. As a composer and performer her music has been featured at Nordic Music Days,, Femme Brutal Festival, Insomnia and Borealis. She has released three full length albums, as well as a handful of tapes, CDRs and 10” with her own projects, primarily on the tiny label Abstract Tits, that she runs together with Anders Vestergaard (Cancer, Yes Deer, Jacob Anderskov) and Peter Petra Skibsted (Peach, Cancer, Sleep Party People).